• SCGI | Azarine

    Suster Willona

    Do you know one of Azarine's products "Skin First Aid" which collaborated with Natasha Wilona? Yup, We have been trusted to help the campaign for this new product by presenting story ideas, managing KOL, and handling the branding for Azarine's Skin First Aid product so that they go viral (has been viewed by more than 31 million views) that now got recognized by many beauty product users which achieved the goals of the brand itself.

  • SCGI | Everwhite

    Your Beauty Mentor

    We helped Everwhite campaign for its newest product with Kim Seon Ho, one of South Korea's well-known actors, as the Brand Ambassador. Not only related to KOL (Key Opinion Leader) and Meme Account for marketing purposes but we also created creative ideas that caused Everwhite x Kim Seon Ho serum to be widely sold in the market and successfully became a trending topic on various social media.



  • SCGI | TikTok Indonesia

    Asian Games 2018

    The Asian Games is one of the largest sports competitions in Asia, which was held in 2018 where Indonesia was the host. We were entrusted by the Government of Indonesia and also Tiktok to help promote and campaigning the Asian Games on Tiktok so that the event can be recognized by the people, and also for them to be able to watch and enliven this event. We organized some collaborations with number one Indonesian influencers on Tiktok such as Raffi Ahmad, Raditya Dika, Natasha Wilona, ​​and many others to participate in promoting the Asian Games. In addition, we also ensure that this campaign is well-reported in several online media through the PR articles related to the Asian Games

  • SCGI | TikTok Indonesia

    TikTalk Show

    TikTalk Show with Nia Ramadhani is a live streaming talk show on Tiktok, which invites popular guest stars and gives such interesting discussions in each episode. We are trusted with all event details, from content and ideations, visual designs, OBS systems for running live streams online through Tiktok app, managing the guest stars, and also making the viral campaign for the event through meme accounts and publishing news in online publication media.

  • SCGI | TikTok Indonesia

    TikTok | JFW

    Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) is one of the leading fashion events held in Jakarta. In this special event, we are trusted to assist JFW in promoting the event that has been eagerly awaited by Indonesian fashion enthusiasts, by collaborating with fashion influencers on social media and creating creative visuals, such as banners, landing pages, and content ideations for social media. If you see content related to Jakarta Fashion Week on social media, we are the team behind those works!

  • SCGI | TikTok Indonesia

    TikTok | Lovefest

    #Pakeperasaan is a challenge that is presented by Tiktok to celebrate Valentine's Day and opens opportunities for Tiktok users to participate and attend the peak event, LoveFest. We helped Tiktok in campaigning for #PakePerasaan online, collaborated with some well-known KOLs, and ensured that this was reported in several well-known media in Indonesia so that it got the public attention. We are also involved in its offline activities at LoveFest, such as designing and making the booth for participants to take pictures or even making a content.

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